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Planning Board Meeting Minutes 09-19-2011 Continuance
Chairman, Steve Nesbitt, called the meeting to order at 8:00 P.M.  Present: Alta Harding. Carol Billington and Diana Allen.  Absent: Brian Libby.  Staff present:  Bud Benson, Town Planner, and Jackie Dyer, Secretary to the Planning Board.

06-09-12-11 Shoreland Zoning Review-Map 44, Lot 1, 402 Cole Hill Road, Wayde Charest

Mr. Nesbit opened the meeting by stating that a site walk was done and then followed by a workshop. It was talked about moving the existing boathouse a few feet and then moving it parallel in the westerly direction and preserving a birch tree. Mr. Charest’s agent (Dustin Roma) said that they were willing to conform to the conditions and also preserve the birch tree. It was stated by Mr. Nesbit that any further back than the 4-5 feet would make it go into a steeper grade and cause a hardship. Mr. Nesbit asked for any further comments from the public or from the Planning Board, there were none. Mr. Nesbit moved that the application be called complete. Mrs. Billington moved to find the application complete, seconded by Mrs. Harding. Motion for full approval with the following conditions:
  • Boat house will be pulled back 4-5 feet in a westerly direction
  • “Save the birch tree” comment would be added to the plan
  • A stone drip edge will be placed around the foundation
  • A plan must be submitted and approved by the CEO for erosion, sediment control and a re-vegetation plan
  • The standard conditions of approval are met. This approval is dependant upon and limited to the proposals and plans contained in the application and supporting documents that were affirmed by the applicant, being it orally or in writing, and any variations from the plan, proposals and supporting documents, are subject to review and approval from the Planning Board, except for minor changes which the Code Enforcement Officer may approve.
Mr. Nesbit asked to hear a motion for approval; Mrs. Billington made the motion to approve the plan and conditions as read, seconded by Mrs. Allen. No further discussion, motion was unanimous and approved.

07-09-12-11  Shoreland Zoning Review- Map 20, Lot(s) 7G & 7I ,129 Westerlea Way, Dana Lampron

Site walk and workshop were done today. The applicant is proposing to remove their existing house and rebuild 20 feet back from the existing structure. There were a lot of different things that were talked about to the practical extent, a set of trees near a telephone pole that would have to go. Mr. Nesbit stated that moving this back to this extent would create a less than perfect area and moving it back to that extent that the land starts to slope up to the lake. Keeping a very flat area on the lake side to slow down run off and also the applicant would be speeding up the runoff before it gets to a secondary slope to slow it down. Mr. Nesbit asked for any other comments from the public and the Board, there were none. Mr. Nesbit asked for a motion to find this application complete, Mrs. Billington made that motion and it was seconded by Mrs. Allen. Mr. Nesbit did talk about a few conditions of approval. Mrs. Billington asked him if they needed to vote to approve, full approval by the board was given. Conditions for approval of the plan revision dated 09-09-11 are:  
  • A stone drip edge will be around the foundation.
  • A plan for erosion, sedimentation control and re-vegetation shall be submitted to the Code Enforcement Officer for approval and also the standard conditions for approval
  • The approval is dependant on and limited to the plan and proposals submitted by the applicant either orally or in writing. Any variation from the plan or proposals are subject to review and approval from the Planning Board, in writing, except for minor changes which the Code Enforcement Officer may approve.
Motion made by Mrs. Harding to approve with stated conditions and seconded by Mrs. Billington. Vote was unanimous and approved.

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