Procurement and Vendor Payments

The Finance Department provides core budgetary controls to the various departments of the Town of Standish through an encumbrance-based accounting system outlining purchase orders and payment through a bi-weekly warrant. All vendors must complete a form W-9 and provide the Town with valid tax ID number. All procurement via purchase order is reviewed by the Town Manager. All warrant activity is summarized and reviewed by the members of the Finance Committee. Once a vendor is assigned a vendor ID by the finance assistant the various department heads can submit purchase requisitions allowing for Purchase Orders and Vendor Invoices to be processed. Bi-weekly vendor payments are normally in the mail on the Monday following the warrant signing. If you have a question about the status of an invoice, you should contact the department responsible for the procurement since they are aware of what stage within the process your invoice is. Whenever possible, the Finance Department makes every effort to pay according to vendor terms.