FY 2017 Town of Standish Manager's Budget


February 23, 2016

From: Gordon Billington

Re:    Town Budget for FY2017


This letter accompanies the Manager’s Proposed Budget for FY2017, the fiscal year that begins July 1, 2016.

This budget recognizes the prior-year financial condition of the Town as reported in the latest audited financial statements. Those documents show a General Fund balance of $3,515,821 on June 30, 2015 which includes an Unassigned General Fund balance of $2,585,172 plus $42,690 Non-spendable, $85,302 in Restricted, $300,984 in Committed Reserves, and $501,673 assigned for subsequent year’s expenditures as well as $350,000 for use of Fund Balance. For FY2016 we expect non-tax revenue to rise slightly over the previous year.

This budget proposes a total municipal spending of $8,502,071, a $289,070 increase over last year’s approved budget. The share of the expenditure committed to the property tax would be $2,898,349, an increase of $174,050 over last year’s budget.

This budget would propose a 2% cost of living increase for employees, adopt a retirement payout policy of 50% of accrued sick time for individuals retiring after at least ten years’ service and add a stipend for nighttime paramedic coverage during the week. These actions reflect the recommendations of the Council’s Committee on Personnel. This budget also includes proposed capital spending to replace aging equipment, to repair and improve our roads and to construct additional ballfields, a new entrance drive and expanded parking at Memorial Park.  

This document does not contain an estimate for the MSAD#6 School Assessment. That assessment will be added to the document when it is received.

This budget proposal will receive a Public Hearing in March followed by Council and Budget Committee review actions. The final document will reflect the policy choices of the Council and Budget Committee and will be submitted to the voters at the annual Town Meeting in June.