Health Committee for Arsenic in Drinking Water

The EPA has just announced that the federal government has approved lowering the arsenic limits to 10 parts per billion. Get more information about this latest change in federal policy at the EPA's website

The Health Committee for Arsenic in Drinking Water, a Town Council appointed committee, has been investigating both short and long-term solutions for homeowners affected with high levels of arsenic. Arsenic is a state-wide problem and is not isolated to our area. It is a naturally occurring chemical found in soil and rocks.

The Town of Standish encourages all residents with private wells to test for arsenic; it is NOT part of the standard homebuyer’s water test. Town Hall provides state lab testing kits for $12.

The Public Health Committee has teamed up with Advanced Quality Water Solutions of Brunswick, Apyron Technologies of Atlanta, and Alamo Water to participate in an Arsenic Treatment Demonstration Project. The goal of this project is to provide a limited number of Standish residents with a single point-of-use arsenic filtration system.

This committee sponsored an Informational Resource Workshop on November 1st at Town Hall. Guest speakers discussed home treatment options for private well owners and low interest loan programs that can help homeowners purchase water treatment equipment. Resource packets from this workshop are still available at Town Hall.

A public water source is available to all residents for free at Town Hall 24 hours a day.