Planning Department

Standish Planning Department staff provides service to the community by assisting landowners with zoning and Land Use Code interpretations. Staff also provides support to the Planning Board in review of applications. Within the municipal building we maintain a file for each property with documents covering development history of each lot in matters such as subdivisions site plans and building permits.

When you want to subdivide a parcel of land, open or expand a business, work near lakes ponds or streams, or have a concern about possible violations of zoning regulations, the Standish Planning Department is the place to contact.

Duties of Town Planner and Planning Department

  1. Be responsible for the review and verification of all applications for subdivision, site plan, and shoreland zoning permits.
  2. Be responsible to advise applicants and the Planning Board of application status and compliance with ordinance and coordinate review of applications with appropriate municipal departments.
  3. Attend and provide staff support to all Planning Board meetings.
  4. Be responsible for future land use planning and the Comprehensive Plan.
  5. Be responsible to draft changes to land use ordinances.
  6. Be responsible to prepare and submit community or economic development grant applications and administer the same upon award.
  7. Prepare and submit the recommended budget to the Town Manager.
  8. Perform such other duties as the Town Manager may from time to time establish.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Zach Mosher Town Planner
Jacklyn Dyer Planning Secretary (207) 642-3466 or