EMS Subscriptions


Subscription Fees:

  • $15.00 Senior Citizen (per person, ages 60 & over)
  • $20.00 Senior Couple (both over 60)
  • $30.00 Single Resident or Summer Resident Plan (per person rate)
  • $50.00 Family Plan (Immediate family living in the residence, up to 5 members)
  • $100.00 Business Plan (Employer/Employees only, up to 25 employees)
  • $150.00 Business Plan (Employer/Employees only, 26+ members)

You may or may not be aware that Standish Fire/EMS offers a subscription plan that could save you, as an individual or a business, potentially hundreds of dollars if you were ever to be transported by our rescue. We offer this subscription plan to all Standish residents.

For an annual fee, you and your family (or business), would not be billed by Standish EMS for the co-pay or charges your insurance does not cover for Emergency Medical Services. If you have no insurance at all, the entire bill would be paid!

Whether you are in good health or poor health, have insurance or not, the once a year subscription fee will pay for itself if you ever have to use Standish EMS.

The subscription plan is renewable at the beginning of each new year, and is open for enrollment all year long. All funds collected by this plan stay within Standish EMS and will not be diverted for any other purpose. We ask that you consider this plan. We would like to help you save money if you have to be transported to the hospital by the EMS.

If you would like to become a subscriber, please click on the link below, and return the form along with a check to:

Coverage starts January 1st and ends December 31st.

Standish Fire/EMS
175 Northeast Road
Standish, ME 04084

Click here to view or print the subscription agreement form.

For more information about this plan, please click here to inquire by email or call (207) 642-4343.