Public Safety Staffing

Monday - Friday Day (0600-1800) - Two per-diem personnel often members from the call company; one being a Paramedic and the other an EMT with at least one of them cross trained as a fire fighter.

Monday - Friday Night (1800-0600) - There are assigned night crews of call company personnel. Each crew currently has 2-3 people, when on a call all people are paid hourly. When not on a call only the one person from the crew that is at the station (each crew rotates members that stay at the station) receives the stipend to be with the truck. July of 2016 we added a second stipend position to cover the cost of a Paramedic. The remaining crew that is either at home or could be at the station does not receive any compensation until they go on a call.

Saturday - Sunday Days (0600-1800) - Three per-diem personnel; one paramedic and EMT partner and a FF/EMT Swing person.

Saturday - Sunday Nights (1800-0600) - There are 4 weekend crews that cover every 4th Saturday and Sunday night. Two members from that crew cover from Central Station and receive a stipend for that coverage. The remaining crew that does not have to be at the station does not receive any compensation until they go on a call.

Monday - Thursday (0730- 1700) - Are the regular administrative hours for the full-time Chief of Department.

Tuesday - Friday (0730-1700) - Are the regular addministrative Hours for the full-time public safety Deputy Chief.

16 hours during the Week - Fire Inspector responsible for safety inspections, Fire Prevention and Public Education.

29 hours a week - Animal Control Officer; schedule is flexible based on calls for service.

Live in Student Program - 3 Students at Central Station and 2 Students at North Gorham Station from 2200-0700 Sunday - Thursday and one covering the weekend from Midnight to 0700 on Saturday and Sunday during the school year.

All Responses are also handled by cross trained personnel on call personnel.

Dispatch - Is no longer done by Standish Fire-EMS.  Cumberland County Regional Communications Center dispatches all calls for Standish.