Standish Planning Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Monday, November 6, 2017

Standish Planning Board

Meeting Minutes

November 06, 2017


The meeting of the Standish Planning Board was called to order by Chairman Adam Higgins at 7:00pm. Present were Roland Cloutier, Gerald Lonnstrom, Jolene Whittemore, Charlie Brown, Bud Benson, Town Planner and Jackie Dyer, Secretary to the Planning Board. Absent were Mike Willette and Betty Thompson.


Approval of Meeting Minutes from September 11, 2017 meeting


 The first item on the agenda was the approval of the meeting minutes from the Sept.11, 2017 meeting. Mrs. Whittemore made a motion seconded by Mr. Brown to approve the minutes as written. All in Favor.



Brookfield Renewable Energy Group, 150 Main Street, Lewiston, ME- SRCC Application for the construction of a new upstream eel passage system at the Bonny Eagle Dam on Rt.35


Matt LeBlanc from Brookfield Energy Group was present for this communication. He explained how they want to build an eel passage so the American Eel can come from Florida and get upstream into the river and when they are grown, they will have a passage to get back down and out to the sea. He said the easy part is getting them to come up river and the hard part is getting them to go back down to spawn. Mr. Lonnstrom asked how big the American Eel gets and Mr. LeBlanc told him they are the size of a baseball bat!


He said the passage has something like a fake grass surface on it so it makes it easier for them to climb up through and hold on until they get to the top and into the river. He said if anyone has any questions he would be glad to answer them. There were none. He said he is sure he will be back with something else.


New Business:


 Standish Veterinary Hospital, 22 Rose Lane, Map 10, Lot 064-001- Site Plan Amendment to add 11 Spaces to their existing parking lot.


Caitlin Abbott from Sebago Technics was present to represent the applicant, Dr. David Nelligan. He was also present. She gave a brief overview of the project and said they are just here for a site plan amendment that would give them the ability to add 11 new parking spaces to the already existing parking lot at the veterinary hospital at 22 Rose Lane. She said she felt that everyone on the Board knew where the veterinary hospital is and maybe had been there.


Mr. Higgins asked the Board if they had any questions and there were none. He asked if the Board needed to do a site walk and they all decided one was not necessary. He also asked the Board if they needed to go down through the standards and they all felt this was not necessary. Mr. Lonnstrom made a motion seconded by Mr. Cloutier to find the application complete. All in favor. Mr. Cloutier made a motion seconded by Mr. Lonnstrom to approve the application. All in favor.


Mr. Lonnstrom made a motion seconded by Mr. Cloutier to adjourn the meeting. All in favor. Meeting was adjourned at 7:25pm.